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Who are we?

W. H. Horner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

W. H. Horner

William holds a BA in English and an MA in writing popular fiction. A student of both mythology and story, he believes that powerful and engaging tales can be told in any medium that is available to the teller, but that the decision of medium intrinsically alters the telling of the story. As he delved into publishing, William discovered a passion for design, and has studied it ever since.

William enjoys working with authors, artists, and designers in all genres and media. A desire for discourse with creative individuals fuels his desire to be a freelance editor and designer. He is also adjunct faculty with Seton Hill University's MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction and with Wilmington University in their English and First Year Experience departments. William has been known to enjoy singing karaoke on occasion. He is also the founder and director of The First Writes, a writing group based in Wilmington, DE.

Paul Popiel, Fiction Editor

Paul Popiel

Paul Popiel, is not, as rumored, a troop of rabid monkeys with iPads locked in a room, nor is he a Shoggoth in disguise. At least not this week.
He graduated from Seton Hill University with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction not that long ago. Dual citizenship in the asylums of Norwood, Pa, and Easton, MD ensures enough creepiness in his life to keep the fires of horror stoked, though he still has to write that novel about the evil clown mural in Easton. When not at a writing group or convention, he can be found loose upon the world, taking pictures of mythic people, abandoned houses, and models with fangs. Or he could be plotting his next story, playing World of Warcraft or in a theater watching a midnight movie.

As FE Monkey, Paul's duties include editorial and design assistance, schlepping books, shifts behind the wheel on long drives to conventions, and assistance keeping the FE-sponsored writing group, The First Writes, in order.